Cloud mining

In this section of the blog we will look into a very interesting way to get bitcoins that corresponds to the name of Cloud Mining.

On the web there are more and more companies that allow customers to rent hardware mining, or for precision, the computing power of such hardware, taking care of all the logistical aspects, so that the customer does not have to deal with finding a place to put the hardware, connecting the hardware to the electrical network, connecting to the internet, etc.

Thanks to this type of service the customer acquires the desired computing power and begins to accumulate bitcoins or ethereum, Monero, Dash and other cryptocurrecies, depending on the type of contract purchased.

Of course until now we have listed only those that can be considered the “positive” aspects of this type of service, but obviously we must take into account the “negative” aspects in order of able to choose a good cloud mining company.

First of all we must verify the seriousness of the company of cloud mining, because in these years many websites have been born and proliferated that claimed to sell a cloud mining service, but in reality they were nothing but modern online ponzi schemes, which paid the first customers, to get good reviews, but then when they reached good income they began to delay payments and finally disappeared with the money of the unfortunate customers.