review was a classic Ponzi scheme, but we left our review so you can see an example of the system using these scammers.
As you can read from the review, had gave incredible earning rates and in the first period paid all investors, but this is the bait that causes many investors to fall into the trap . certainly has the highest annual revenue of all cloud mining services we have tested so far (minimum 949% per annum).

You can start with an investment of only $ 10 that will earn you 2.60% per day.

The site has also recently started a bitcoin-based cloud mining service.
You can buy a contract by paying and earning in bitcoins.

Up to now the website has always paid its customers regularly.

The only downside to is its young age, which is why we recommend prudence by avoiding investing huge amounts of capital.

Of course, the fact that the website is young does not mean anything, but a bit of caution is not a bad idea.

Positives aspects :

Annual profit from 949% to 1095%

Investments starting at just $ 10

Possibility of contracts in Bitcoin

Payments for only $ 5

Possibility to recede the contract in advance with a penalty of only 5%

Downsides :

The only aspect that may lead to a little caution is the young age of the service .

Our opinion :


With such high percentages of gain and such a wide versatility of contracts, there is a great temptation to try to make at least a small investment, but the large percentages of earnings make us fear that it may be a Ponzi scheme.
Remember, the trick of Ponzi schemes is that at the beginning they pay customers and for this reason they attract many investors, but then, when they have accumulated a good booty, they disappear with all the money.

We do not state that is a ponzi scheme, but we recommend caution if you want to invest.

If you want to invest in, we recommend a lot of caution.

If you want to open an account on click on the link below.