Best Cloud Mining

In this page we will analyze the bests Cloud Mining websites.

All Cloud Mining websites on this page have been tested by purchasing a contract on each of them, at the time of writing this page all websites pay the earnings to their users and if in the future they will have problems with payments, will be reported on this page.

I would like to say that, according to my experience, a good cloud mining website can make you earn a lot of money, but I remind you that if one day the cloud mining website decides to close and disappear, you will can very hardly recover your money .

So even for the safer cloud mining websites, I recommend withdrawing the money invested as soon as possible and then using the money earned to continue investing. In this way, even in the worst case you will not have lost anything.

On this page, we will report the percentage of annual revenue, the efficiency of customer support, the cryptocurrency supported by each cloud mining service, and other information that will help you choose the most suitable cloud mining service for you.

By clicking on the name of each cloud mining service you can go to the in-depth review page.


1° CryptoMining Farm

Cryptomining Farm certainly deserves the first place among the best Cloud Mining services.
Despite being an atypical cloud mining service Cryptomining Farm has some very interesting features that make it a very good choice.
Among the important features of the service surely there are the years of activity of the website (from the year 2014), the percentage of annual income (160%) and the stability of the percentage of profit (a contract of 1000 Ghs makes $ 0, 90 per day, whatever the price of the bitcoin).

I would definitely recommend buying a contract on Cryptomining farm

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Cryptomining farm

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Unfortunately the website has stopped paying, so

DO NOT INVEST IN THIS WEBSITE has conquered the 2nd place in our guide because it has the exceptional annual income of 949% (it is not a mistake of writing).

You can start investing with just $ 10 and in one year you will get $ 94.9.

It does not occupy the 1st place of our guide because was born from too little time.
In fact, even if we can testify that the site pays its users correctly, we must advise a certain caution, because there is the possibility that could be a Ponzi scheme and suddenly it could disappear into thin air.

Our suggestion is to make an investment not too big, after just 38 days you will have recovered your investment and then you can use the rest of your income for further investments on the site.

This way you will be safe and you will not risk losing your money.

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