How to get bitcoins

Hi, I decided to open this blog because I noticed that almost all the blogs that talk about how to get free bitcoins, best cloud mining, cryptocurrency and similar themes, frequently they are not “honest”.

These blogs describe the various services of mining cloud or bitcoins faucets free as wonderful, trying to get their users to sign up on the various services in order to earn a few dollars from these registrations.  In short, their goal is everything except to indicate how to get free bitcoins .

This blog, however, wants to seriously analyze the various websites that promise to make you earn bitcoins, to give you an “honest” opinion on the seriousness of these websites and on all the negative and positive aspects that characterize them.

So the reviews that you will find on this blog are 100% honest, and we count also on your help to also share your experiences with all users of this blog .


Blog Mission:

This blog was created to answer the question how to get free bitcoins, but not only, because we will see how to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies investing small money amounts, or how to buy or create a mining rig to undermine monero, ethereum, or also how to choose a good cloud mining site to multiply the initial investment.
In short, everything concerning the cryptocurrency world .


So then, we will try to fully answer these thematics :

How to get bitcoins with mining

How to get bitcoins with cloud mining

How to get free bitcoins

In short, all the ways for answer to how to get bitcoins review